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 EMER1TUS said
You’re absolutely right we as a race don’t do that

But I’m not expecting my Pops closest homie to look out for me when he pass, that ain’t his responsibility. Wed marks 12 years since my mom passed and I ain’t looked to nobody but my Pops for “help”

My moms left me and my bro an inheritance, but at no point was expecting her friends to help me and my bro like it was their responsibility. That f*ghting chance you talking about should come from your parents, not the friends of your parents. I’m not saying those friends shouldn’t help out, I’m just saying the expectation of them helping shouldn’t be there.

We need to learn how to stand on our own 2 instead of expecting hand outs. n*ggas still think Jay owe Dame something he don’t owe that man sh*t feel me. Our race is the only race where when somebody becomes successful other less successful people feel like it’s their duty to sit back and wait for the come up off the made man
You must've misunderstood me, I never said KRS was supposed to raise the child as if it was his own, support don't always have to be financial. He could've at least been present as a male figurein his corner to give advice and guide him on the right path... Yes an inheritance is supposed to be through heir, so all the money they was making at the time, where's the money that was allotted to his father?

And what you mean we're the only people that think successful ppl is supposed to look out? You don't see how Chinese businesses only do business with there own? Everybody at the 7-11 and gas stations for the most part are the same race, corporate America is also called white America.... Once gain, thats the way of the world, these nation's come to America, immediately get a business and all types of loans, and then send money back home to their country. Even the community look out for their own... But our ppl been trained to look out for sef...."Ay you gotta get yours, well fool I gotta get mines"

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