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 Clayton Nigsby said
d nice is making money djing. he's the reason his pops is dead yet he goes after the bigger name krs one

scott la rock is not owed money from krs shows and career after his death

bboy records owes both of them money

do u think rza is giving odb family money from shows etc
You admit there was foul play financially, and your placing the blame on bboy records.... Ok fine, I concede to that

You don't think Scott La Rock as KRS's DJ wasn't making money along with him as they did shows and sold records? I'm not saying Scott Jr is entitled to the money KRS makes after his death... But his pops was successful at the time of his demise.... Where are the tokens of his success?? (You say blame bboy, fine I acknowledge that) doesn't mean KRS couldn't have been a male figure in his life, and that don't mean just suck it up and deal with it... Once again, a decent man would look after the widow and fatherless, you gotta be a selfish low life individual to say 'it ain't my responsibility', especially when this the man that looked out for you when you was homeless at a shelter he worked at... And the way he went out was defending his friend and putting his life on the line.... Just ask yourself, how would l you want your friends in your circle treat your fam if you passed away?