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 TrueWest_1 said
It didnt make him mainstream because he wasn't. Do you live in LA? cuz I do and they were barely playing this man's music on the air. Soon as he died, spins were non stop.

and if they were barely playing his music here, I know for a fact it wasn't getting played more anywhere else

You can try to rewrite history but fact of the matter is, Nipsey was not receiving this love or was a legend when he passed.

I was with the Nip movement when no one wasnt so its even easier for me to see how much lack of support this man truly had when he was breathing.

What did Wack say that was so disrespectful?

did he say Nip's music was trash? Did he say Nip wasn't a real Crip? All he said was htis man was no popular when he passed and people like you still fail to prove this wasnt the case.
You're arguing things I haven't stated. Nip got much love from fans and BILLIONAIRES b4 he died. Non casuals paid attention to his moves. Dude been a Legend and loved just not to the fickle casuals who think popularity equates importance. Nips STORY alone makes him LEGENDARY. His pov made him loved. I been a Nip fan since 09 and from day one his ambitions have been the same. Nip been an inspiration and a legendary mind.

Do you cats realize how long it took for minds like Nikola Tesla or Harry Hoxey to be seen as the geniuses they were? Artist like Salvador Dali etc..? Y'all sound emotional and ignorant.