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Clayton Nigsby 
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 milkdudz said
His father got gunned down at a time when his career was still riding. All the show money and sales money that was owed to Scott La Rock should've then went to Scott La Rock Jr, don't just dismiss it with they ad crappy deals because that's part of the problem too. I'm not caping for anyone, all I'm saying is he has a right to feel like he was robbed and the world owes him something... And any decent man in KRS 1 duty would look after the widow and the fatherless. That don't mean buy her a house and pay her rent, but at least be in the kids life, you see he has no problem with D-Nice, and all he said he did was check up on him....
Just because it happens too often don't mean we should just accept and settle with it, but I'm not trying to argue on the internet all day, especially with a blind troll
d nice is making money djing. he's the reason his pops is dead yet he goes after the bigger name krs one

scott la rock is not owed money from krs shows and career after his death

bboy records owes both of them money

do u think rza is giving odb family money from shows etc