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 milkdudz said
It's called an inheritance/ boost... As a whole urban folks dont know nothing about it, but every other nation does it... One generation passes something down to next generation to give them a headstart ad a f*ghting chance in life.
Youíre absolutely right we as a race donít do that

But Iím not expecting my Pops closest homie to look out for me when he pass, that ainít his responsibility. Wed marks 12 years since my mom passed and I ainít looked to nobody but my Pops for ďhelpĒ

My moms left me and my bro an inheritance, but at no point was expecting her friends to help me and my bro like it was their responsibility. That f*ghting chance you talking about should come from your parents, not the friends of your parents. Iím not saying those friends shouldnít help out, Iím just saying the expectation of them helping shouldnít be there.

We need to learn how to stand on our own 2 instead of expecting hand outs. n*ggas still think Jay owe Dame something he donít owe that man sh*t feel me. Our race is the only race where when somebody becomes successful other less successful people feel like itís their duty to sit back and wait for the come up off the made man