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 ItsThatEasy said
Lol my point was...

Why do you care about discrediting Nip's legacy?

That's still my question that you can't answer because you're a feeble minded weakling.

So my question remains...

Why do you care?
If someone you know dies and some people say he was a Billionaire but you know his actual net worth was around 7 Million, which is respectful by the way but not a Billion. Would you be “discrediting” this persons legacy by telling the truth or would it be better to keep the lie going.

We’ve spent the exact same amount of time going back and fourth in this subject so I can ask you the same exact question. Why do you care so much about another mans legacy’s? For me I just don’t like to feel like I’m being lied too. That doesn’t take away at all from Nip or disrespect his legacy. I’m just putting the correct context to it.

Now what is your reason?