Thread: Images in this thread Rapper Ca$h Out Gets Caught Up Sex trafficking?
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 Stupid Fresh said
The charges for pimping will railroad you
People shouldn’t pimp it’s a setup
Even if you have a willing girl it gets spun on you
she said she did it because she thought things couldn’t get worse?
Sad story but I seen too many willing girls flip on a pimp and get him caught up in kidnapping/attempted this and that 10-15
Aww boo hoo

Most pimps are scumbags anyway and one of the biggest examples of “when a good girls gone she gone forever”

We all know there are foul girls out there. A lot of times these chicks robbing and setting up dudes either do so from the direction of a pimp or learned and got indoctrinated into doing so because of a pimp

Bottom line that’s a fact. Pimps have no purpose. All this sh*t happening now to those dirtbags is their karma it took way too long

You talk about girls that “flip” on them but not pimps that would have dudes set up and robbed

Pimps that shot and k*lled tricks

Pimps that abused and r*ped underage girls

I hope all this recent anti trafficking movement has them go to the capital of pimping in California

You can boo hoo about girls that flip on them as much as possible. It’s about time these losers get off the street and actually get a real talent