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--- :Started on Def Jam and Loud Records battle boards back in 1999/2000 -- We would 'keystyle' between class (was in college). Then moved to LimeWire and Morpheus...but got rolling hard with WinMx and SoulSeek. I used to be in the Screwhead chatroom on WinMx all day and night.

I got in good with a lot of mods and we would trade files by AOL instant messenger. Shout out to TS & SH...also hung out in the Beat Club chatroom for instrumental collectors-- snatching up ALL the VLS/CDS rips that were out in the virtual world...goes back from about 2002-2005

Then WinMx got shut down...we moved everything to a site called "Filetopia"....but my mans was bouncing back and forth between here and WinMx saying I needed to come here, that was around late 2005.....Then Filetopia took a dive because not a lot of users from WinMx made the transfer over and they ultimately got the Federal pinkslip...

Used to login under his name but then he got booted and we lost contact. Made a new login and used to post heavy
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with the old school and then got the boot, had to redo my sign in and all again...and been here ever since...Also messed with until his spot got shut down when Megaupload and Hotfile and all them got laid down...

There have been others along the way...I would stop through RGF and RN from time to time...but NOTHING was comparing to BX.

My how time flies!