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 DrakeSavage said
pretty much. thing is though by 2013 you could create your own for 40 dollars. just people editing a few attributes. like the addresses, block times, coin amounts. even zcash which is relatively new just copies the bitcoin code base its all open source. ltc copies it, doge coin. almost all of them lol. there was probably no real knowledgeable people. but probably some people. lol.

also you are so right about the next bitcoin thing. and the desperation is sad. but theres also a huge aspect where people cant grasp bitcoin. and honestly onecoin is an og. that sh*t is old.

now when people enter bitcoin they have authority behind it cosigning it. back then people didnt. and thats waht people desire. id go as far to say every single culture had one thing in common and thats figure heads and authority. for thousands of years. to this day you better have references, or nobody wants to hear it. seals of approval. state, federal. fda all that sh*t. even logos are exactly that. figureheads like musk, jobs, gates. etc etc our presidents. everything has one.

bc if you do understand then you understand you cant be a next bitcoin, its impossible. that business model of inventing and releasing is a one and done. but you can sell that idea. theres not one crypto selling that idea that doesnt have a figurehead. bc they have to have that. and thats the difference.

the coins in order of mc behind bitcoin are ether, xrp, bch, bsv, ltc, eos, bnb, xtz, ada, xlm, trx, xmr, on and on and on. they all have a figurehead. lol. ill try to name a lot of them off the top of my head,

vitalik, garlinghouse, roger ver, craig wright, charlie lee, dan larimer or some bs lol. bnb dude is known as cz. mccaleb left xrp to create xlm. fluffypony, riccardo or something like that is his real name. on and on. cant forget justin sun

lol thats 10 out of the top 13. and one of them is tether doesnt count. obviously one is bitcoin lol. i think i missed ada lol.
true. ppl can make coins for like $3 now (erc20). The hard part is finding believers and building a community.

the code is readily available on ethereums site. Just pull up a youtube tutorial, and make your own coin