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 SmackYaKufiOff said
Well you're following a trend.. because there are bunch of albums that aren't lyrical
But considered classics. You're putting unnecessary expectations on Eminem when he's intention wasn't to put a lyrical album, it was a fu*king personal album. This is fu*king wrong u guys don't do this to any other goat...

Ex. Albums that aren't lyrical but classic

Get rich or die trying
The chronic
Dr Dre 2001
Me against the world
College dropout
Midnight Marauder
Low end theory

I can go on and on brother. Get that hate outta your heart Eminem is one of the goats
Watch how these guys speak on him..

Me against the world has SUBSTANCE
Get rich or die trying had SUBSTANCE
College dropout had SUBSTANCE

SSLP outside of the aforementioned songs, had none. As the world turn was a song about raping a chick