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 Free my soul said
The songs i named are the songs i can admit and always will admit are dope sonically AND lyrically. My question was outside of those songs where was he saying anything to make you think or where he said anything slick or lyrically inclined? Thats nowhere to be found hence why i said Eminem(i didnt but im stating it now) is lyrical mumble rap
The album wasn't a lyrical album bruh. Bad meets evil song with Royce was the only track. And I hate that song. Ayo y'all are hating and not even listening to the product WTF.. his first three albums were personal albums he brought u into his life.. he wasn't trying to talk slick or be lyrical inclined. This is ridiculous y'all definitely hating Eminem because he's white and following a trend of hate and have no more time for it.

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