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 FukHowYouFeel said
This guy is a fu*king moron...

Nobody that knows cars thinks turbos "save" fuel especially if you're seeking out forced induction for performance applications. Their purpose is to reduce sprung weight and fuel EFFICIENCY as it pertains to POWER OUTPUT.

It's a means of doing more with less.

Quite simply...It's a trade off. Yes bigger displacement means more torque output at lower RPM, but that means they also have less than optimal or usable power-band on the higher end of the RPM range.

Technically speaking...You could literally a*sert that a naturally-aspirated engine has infinite lag because of this.

That's why 3.4L Supra w/ 88mm turbo walk 6.2L vettes all day long and use less fuel doing so. The opposite would be true if they raced from a dead stop/dig.

Muscle guys like this always use EPA standards against turbocharged imports testing at wide-open throttle in performance-driven scenarios.

Meaning...If a guy tells you his Corvette gets better gas milage and it's as fast as a turbocharged vehicle...He's lying about the MPG. They're stating EPA test numbers when the MPG at wide-open throttle is completely different and draining on fuel.

I think a 6.2L vette probably gets like 5.5-6.5mpg at full throttle over a full tank whereas my Supra (3.4L w/ 264 cams and 1000cc injectors) came out to about 8.2-8.5mpg.

That's not peanuts over the course of a 16-18 gallon fuel tank. it's pretty substantial if one car stops and the other keeps going for another 30 miles.

That's why he was shy about saying the word "efficiency." Because he knows his point is dead. Even the car manufacturers know the truth. That's why my F-150 is a turbocharged V6 instead of a V8 like it used to be.

Oh and by the way...The fu*king V6 is literally 3 seconds faster than the V8 package in it's 0-60 time and uses less fuel to do so. That's night and day when your gas tank sized hasn't shrunk. It's also literally 500+ lbs lighter. Guess where that weight came from...