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 TheKastOne said
My '15 STI got about 21 mpg @ 305HP Turbo'd.

My '16 370z pictured got me about 14 mpg originally @ 332HP, had some work done to it, its still a naturally aspirated v6, but its at 397HP now and is still at 14 mpg.

60hp increase and same economy.

Any idea why?
Depends what you had done to it. But the more simple answer would be that if you’re talking basic bolt instead and a remap, your displacement and injection remains the same it’s just operating at a higher efficiency and different tune when you mash the gas at full throttle. Nobody drives at full
throttle all the time.

It kind of goes along with what I said...You’re determining the MPG across a full tank. It’s not actually being measured in real time.

The reason it matters is because you don’t drive every tank of gas exactly the same.

Now the reason why you didn’t see a huge spike across an entire tank is what I said above. It’s because the displacement is unchanged, the only way you’d see a change in MPG is in real time when you mash the gas because the mapping is changed to accommodate the additional air flow and timing.

MPG across a full tank as opposed to full throttle will always be vastly different numbers.

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