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This is his best beat

When Lloyd Banks broke out earlier this year with his debut single, "On Fire," few people realized that Kwam, a rapper-turned-producer once known more for polka dots than gunshots, was responsible for the single's infectious track.

According to Kwam, the track is an interpolation of the Mohawks' often-sampled funk classic "The Champ." "I knew it would be instantly recognizable to hip-hop traditionalists and still be hot for younger kids," he said. While "On Fire" has put Kwam back on the hip-hop map, the acclaim hasn't come without its challenges.

"Everyone thought that Eminem produced the track," explained the producer. "I understand that because of Eminem's stature. It was frustrating, but when Lloyd started doing press he really acknowledged me as the producer.

"Now the doors are starting to really open," he added. "Now it's crunch time if I want to be a viable commodity. It's time to prove to those who doubted me what I am capable of."