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 rNSFuqyah said
Yeah you're probably plotting to have lil Darcy kicked out of your son's class and thrown off a bridge cause she runs faster than him.

Why is it people who wave that flag and try incitin' sh*t be the worse ones?

People who been through sh*t with predators and know how it feel know the best way to k*ll it is in private, with the law or what ever you want, because if you talkin you're inciting and in the grand scheme you're making it worse.
It's like you're recruiting or inspiring others to try it .

This is my opinion- do what you want

Further there are many wrongfully accused who have taken the rap. Just to carry about their lives - so mind your business and make sure you do your part -not attack kids and watch your own -be in their life -talk to them - and don't exploit them - you be good

Further this situation is not a normal situation.

I don't think it's ok for her to call this a gay family .

But I won't speak on this organization besides the fact of stating ..this is or was an organization.

I can't feel bad for these men no matter what age. Their lil bad a*s wanted to be down. Wanted to be in the org .

And hate to say this but that's they org . What ever they had to do or did to be down that's on them..they made that decision.

We join sh*t in the hood young by what ever means.

Not related but n*ggas knew bout the studio.. some of our parents didn't let us go. n*ggas and girls came and told us what went down.. so when or if you decided to go or be in music you already knew they was weird . So .. what you know before you hit the door if you get into it you can't say you didn't know .

Don't scream G.G. and cry bout the way you got in or stayed good
 Marrero said
I was molested as a child but keep going.

This why kids get molested so much. It’s grown a*s men acting like this sh*t is a myth. Then you blaming kids for wanting to be a part of hip hop.... well wtf you doing on boxden? Why you in the hip hop section?

You not even making sense.

Im not even responding to that mess you wrote directly . Go sit Ina corner and cry because you're not an attributed New York founder of hip hop. Out here editing quotes. Boy.

Def not denying anything

You can build a legacy without destroying some else's sir

I've said enough . You won't hear me crying bout nothin my org has done on the internet.

That's just wack .. especially if you know the org from the grime.

Ive heard their stories and while I empathize with them it's hard to say I fault anyone . Like I said you know at the door what's up and from what they said in their interviews they felt like if this is what I gotta do to get down . I'm not writin this sh*t out cause I'm not playing into it .

You saw them I'm sure. I saw 2 and that was enough . only people that get off on this sh*t be this into it so much to post it.

I couldn't even start surviving.

I survived some mess I'm survivin and imma keep survin way beyond its death . Talkin about it save for to correct and address occuring behavior in private or legally encourages copy cat.

I'm happy to see the Hasan guy is moving on with his life and producing content and raising a beautiful and well rounded family from what I saw on YouTube . He has not allowed this to consume him. But talkin on the constant about your gang and what you did to be down ain't where it's at .

you see the guy that said he infiltrated
the organization just so he can find out about this you see what happened to him. So you see how it go down. You knew this when you joined.

that's like joining an organization like the Masons and then crying to the police because whatever whatever lol what's gone happen ?

They said very little about hiphop in their initial interviews. I heard stuff about their posse that did hiphop but there was very little save for names they said about music

I'm not sayin this is hip hop and they shouldn't be able to participate..I don't even know where you got that from or what you said cause I didn't infer that.

There are always other avenues to do what ever you want. I didn't want to get down with the studio so I started recording myself as a jit . They made a studio in our rec center and never said a word to us about why but if you knew you knew . That's how you combat the issue not making a neighborhood organizational ,or "family" you're apart of , issue a public issue

I didn't want to have no kids runnin round early or any of that weird sh*t. So I wasn't goin and I didn't think about it*t or Hollyweird either .

I did music as I did and will return to for my self by myself and Hollywood bit me back then when I was singin alone in my room recording from box to box and still do to this day .. they stories are walks in the parks compared to the one I could give and I ain't never joined no sh*t from out there sh*t so they really in the wrong.

Because very little of what they said in there interviews involved hip hop ..I don't know where you got that from .

But if you feel that way there's your answer. Be the change . Provide a different avenue as so many organization have . I'm not knocking your reality. your experience is not everyone else's experience the way you see things is not the way everyone else sees them. Same for myself.

Everybody involved in hip Hop did not go through this particular organization.. spoken word existed long before this organization people were rapping long before this organization. I don't want to discount nobody but it's so many avenues and so many different sides, coasts to coast- rap. I don't know what to tell you.

Because things are one way in one place doesn't mean that they are the same way other places. now are there going to be factions that want their way to be the way. Yes it just depends on how bad you want it . And what route you want to and are willing to take. It's a parent's job to make sure that child knows this in life about anything .

These guys made their choice . They were given the opportunity to make a choice.

I survived what ever survived and I'm still surviving. I'm gonna survive.

Do your job with your children and don't be apart of the problem you seem to be saying you take issue with (pedophilia) right? Carry on

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