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it's bullsh*t. Racist, alt-right, old tea party driven. It's Apocalyptic politics; scare people into believe that there is a higher power hidden from you with evil intentions, tie it together with the end of days and BOOM...mad people watching every video, reading every book, going to every event just cuz their little pus*y hearts are afraid of some completely non-existent organization. Wanna know what happened to the illuminati? they stopped being an organization like 600 years ago when the Roman Catholic church went fu*king ape sh*t and tore through all the organizations that had shored up BY the Roman Catholic Church to a*sist them in the Crusades. All of it is documented. all of it in modern day is bullsh*t. All those groups transitioned to things like the Golden Dawn, Free Masons, and Thelema...all of which are accessible by all people and whose grades can be climbed to the highest degrees by any people. Get this sh*t out of music. NO MORE fu*kING POLITICS IN MUSIC. I don't listen to sh*t to feel like an uptight c*ck...I listen to sh*t to hit that sweet spot in my soul. damn....