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 classicrap1 said
um jin did what about 90% of mainstream rappers and indie rappers could never do.

29-5 battle rap record.

and that is win rap battles against hall of famers. n*ggas who are still battling and legends eating now.

2. most rap city freestyles be writtens and verses off of albums.

3.n*gga could literly freestyle and outrap 90% of the industry.

5. had about 10 different major labels trying to sign him

6. that album was a classic. had songs with hip hop legends. and gain respect for all the people who are consider legends in the game.

7.on the fast and furious soundtrack and movie. and about 4 hit movies. 12 hit movies in chinese. man with the iron fist 1 and 2.


Songs in

2 Fast 2 Furious
(2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack)
Songs Included: "Peel Off"
Released: 27 May 2003
Label: Def Jam, DTP
Chart positions: 5

Chart positions: 40

NBA Ballers: Phenom
(NBA Ballers: Phenom soundtrack)
Songs Included: "Choices"
Released: Mar 29 2006
Label: Midway

Fast & Furious 6
(Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack)
Songs Included: "HK Superstar"
Released: 17 May 2013 (iTunes); 21 May 2013 (CD)
Label: Def Jam
Chart positions: NA

major movies

Love Beats Rhymes

the man with iron fist

the fast and furious

did way more than drag-on and j hood and alot of roc a fella and no lmit n*ggas.
Alright my bad, point proven. He done a lot better than I thought