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And i was pulling for offset gahhhdamnn

For all the fellas - no point bashing/blaming the women/hoes/thots. They're only responding to the bs we've done to em. It used to be that they would be loyal/stay down because n*ggas would wife em when they was done with the bs. But now n*ggas aint even doing that, and there's opportunity to monetize even a little clout with the boutiques/onlyfans/premium snap/merch/swimsuit&beauty lines.....

This is the new normal.

The Lesson - if you having fun then have your fun, but when you make a child and/or settle down, reasearch the fu*k outta that women like she a future presidential candidate. The right women can be the differnce to you making millions and owing milllions - just look at k*ller Mike, Snoop, etc.