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best ab workout

Its the rockstar ab workout heres how u do it

3 sets of 15 each

SET #1

15X - normal crunches
15X - legs parallel to floor crunches (when u bring ya feet off the groud but ya knees r bent)
15X - Obliekes left side (regular sit up postion but cross 1 leg and bring the opposite elbow to your knee)
15X - Oblieks right side
15X - Body straight on the floor crunches, (lie flat)

the last step is while lying on your stomach prop yourself on your forearms and pick your self up inoto a pushup like postion for 15 seconds while tightening ur abs, you'll feel it, trust me.

Doing this and gradually increasing your reps to about 35 or 40 you should have perfect abs, it works, i just started abd i already kno that in abiout 2 weeks my abs is gon look wayyyy better, especially since im thin, try it out see how many reps and set you could do, beginners do 15 cuz its not that bad