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No, I think you're totally wrong... saying that "I'm still blazing," isn't referring to weed, in the context of that line.

But you're entitled to your opinion.

My main issue, was you dropping off half a Nas line in here... like it was some sort of gem, from Jack Lalane.

Nas says a lot of sh*t.


Fam he said I'm still blazing, going out for the cause. That's not about weed man...nobody smokes weed "for the cause" my guy lol. But ok, agree to disagree there I guess.

And how you're gonna take issue with me dropping the line. I was responding to someone saying that Weezy is 'at that age where it catches up to you.' And I dropped the nas line and the cmon son smiley because dude is about to be 50 in a few years and still could pass for late 30s...looking younger than Weezy. It wasn't to say nas is the healthiest dude lol.

And u may be right with de la, but I can find 'negative' bars from tribe and Mike Jones easily. De la, I'd have to search for, but I'm sure it's there too. Like people in the thread already mentioned, life in of itself is contradictory, so to me, any artist not sounding contradictory ain't well balanced and not telling the full story from all angles.