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 Anomic said
Dude came out of the truck or around the truck and shot von 2 or 3 times then everyone scattered then Quando Rondo was on top of Von either tryna help him up or snatch his chain, then someone on Von's side sneaked Quando to get em off Von then they dragged Von into the car then into the hospital where he died.

After they went to the hospital, the remaining mfs of Von's crew starting dumping on Quando's crew then the Private Police that were in plain clothes started dumpin on both of em. They even shot dude who shot Von a couple times.

It seems like dude that shot Von survived tho.

preciate it bro.
that dude on top of von had me confused, especially after homie came and snuffed homie then helped carry von out.

sad situation all around.
these youngings man. smfh