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ol natl 44 
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 chef12 said
i knew when i saw that this sh*t happened in atl this lame a*s n*gga was going to be in this thread acting like some locals did it, you one of the lamest n*ggas on this site bruh you want atlanta to be like chicago so bad

half the shots fired in atl come from out of town n*ggas taking atl n*ggas money and going back home, your police officers almost got smoked they damn selves
Bro you speak on my city like you be in the car with shooters or something like you know everything that goes down in this city I can't stand you pu**y a*s internet lames who swear they can tell you more about your city how bout you worry about whatever small a*s town or suburb you grew up in and don't worry about Atlanta sh*t fu*kboy