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chi town jays 
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 zone3cp said
You white?

I party in the city and ainít like that. West midtown and buckhead where they be and they 9/10 listening to rap. Itís a mixed crowd. Reminds me of partying in Manhattan. Itís too many blk ppl here. I like fu*king when it comes to diversity but this ainít the city for that too much.
Omm Thatís one thing I have notice about atl.. itís damn near black even the mayor is black. I remember I went to stonecrest mall and it was nothing but black folks only a few Hispanics and they stood out and not only that yíall got beautiful black women fasho! Thick as a horse too, and they were everywhere itís like every second Iím breaking my damn neck trying look at a dime piece especially at Lenox square.. Had to take down a few numbers even tho I might ever see them again!
One thing I love about out there is that I have seen heavily black neighborhoods with beautiful homes! Itís something Iíve never seen that out whole Chicago area.
I can go on..
Finna come back out there for nye tho

BIP king von at least he went out like a g!