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This is not true.

See, Agent Orange's problem was that he took credit for the "great economy" we were having and so now the downturn LOOKS like it's his fault. How could Trump have caused a recession in under 4 years?

The problem is the FED. Manipulating monetary policy is what causes recessions. This problem really started under Allen Greenspan more than 20 years ago. When the FED started raising rates in December of 15, they practically pricked this bubble. It was only a matter of time before the air came out.

The "no way a recession could happen" part is especially troubling. Recessions happen on average every 8-12 years. There's no way we could have not had a recession. Regardless of who is in office.
Are you saying that this was Greenspan's fault for keepin the rates so low for so long? When he came into office, he was leading the U.S. out of the recession of the mid-1980s. I understand he could have risen the rates and I have heard the argument that would have hindered the widespread collateralized debt obligation (CDOs) and mortage backed securities.