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This has been brewing for Valve for some time now. Even though they are my number one go to for all PC games for the most part, they have some very bullsh*t practices for anyone selling on their marketplace.

It doesn't help that when the competition tries to be legitimate competition, they open trash like the origin store. Epic game store is pretty sh*tty itself but at the very least, they will drop you some free games every once in awhile.

If you are a PC gamer, just do yourself a favor and enjoy the fallout. Just know, it could give a bit of a fire under the a*ses of these other storefronts to enhance them if valve starts feeling the heat. The likelihood that they feel the heat however is slim to none in my opinion.

Also, make sure you check out Green Man Gaming. Most games are cheaper here and you can always activate a non-purchased steam game on Steam so that it shows up in your library.

Right now, Resident Evil 8 is 59.99 on Steam. It's $50.39 on this site.

And it's even cheaper ( $46.59 ) on:

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