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 DamianDragunov said
I use a lot of different insecticides in my trade.
Chemical reps really been pushing a Atrazine product called Azatrol as an “organic”
Pesticide. I bought a bottle just because people like the title of “organic”. I’ve been asked to use “organic” products a lot more the last 5 or so years. Most of them suck and can only be used in certain applications. Usually after seeing the results of “organic” lawn fertilizer, they whisper and tell me to “put some of the good stuff in”. They only want organic products because of what their neighbor thinks, usually not because of their concern for the environment. Even the ones who seem to care, want a hella green and weed free lawn. Dandelions and clover are still hated over their concern for the environment. Even though if applied correctly, it’s totally safe for the applicator and the soil or ground water. But they don’t know that and every year I have to explain that. They watch a few Netflix docs and think the know more about the chemicals I’ve used for over a decade. Their dog, child, gets sick and they automatically blame the chemicals. Every time they end up finding out the child or dog ate or got into some other sht. One time the mother found out their kid was eating some damn mothballs after accusing me and the herbicide of getting him sick.
U say all that to say what???

U aint disprove his claim of it doing what it did to frogs or humans

Not all chemicals are equal and this thread was about atrazine in tap water not lawn fertillizer(even tho that's where atrazine comes from).

You're more exposed if u drink it in tap water daily then if u walk barefoot in your lawn or smell the fumes of it(from your lawn).

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