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Aug 13 - Nas Buries 50 Cent, Disses R. Kelly

Nas Buries 50 Cent, Disses R. Kelly
Friday - July 29, 2005

In front of a packed crowd at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nas fired his warning shot at 50 Cent to the delight of fans.

Nas paused his show to spit his now infamous lines acapella: “They say Jada defeated him/Joe too street for him/What’s next, I guess it’s for Nas to ether him.” The emcee used the jab to set up “Ether”, and did one verse from the song that many say ended his battle with Jay Z.

Never one to be short of words, Nas also took a shot at Mr. Twelve Play himself, R. Kelly. In the middle of “I Can”, he spit, “You can host the TV like Oprah Winfrey/whatever you decide, be careful, some men be/rapists… like R. Kelly.”

After the music stopped he added, “And don’t get trapped in no closets, I don’t fu*k with no closets.”

Craig G was also on hand for the show, proclaiming to the crowd that Nas was the “best lyricist in the game” before spitting an impromptu freestyle.

Nas also announced that his next CD would be out this fall.

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