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Aug 8 - White Mob Beats Black man with Bats and Iron Pipe


White Mob Beats Black man with Bats and Iron Pipe

A Black man was beaten by a group of Whites with baseball bats and an iron pipe as he walked home in a racially mixed neighborhood in Brooklyn Sunday. The mob yelled racial slurs at him then robbed him of more than $50, a Black couple that witnessed the incident told police.

The couple, who was driving by, said the men continued to kick and pummel the victim, Alex Moore, 29, as he lay on the ground. Moore struggled to get to his feet and attempted to flee, they told officers. “He jumped on a car,” according the woman, who was interviewed by The New York Times. “They hit him until he fell off. They started kicking him and beating him more.”

The woman said that she and her husband yelled at the a*sailants. “You can’t do that,” her husband screamed.

The beating comes slightly more than a month after a group of White men attacked three Black men in the Howard Beach section of Queens.

Police say they are investigating the incident as a hate crime. First-degree racial a*saults are punishable by at least eight years in prison.

"Our hate-crimes unit is investigating and stepped in as soon as we heard the allegations," Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg told reporters at the Ecuadorean pride march in Queens Sunday.

What is the best way society can combat such ugly crimes? .. 7E4249C5FB7%7D