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C. Carter 
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{2' Tall, 22" wide, 320 lb, 5,000 watt SubWoofer} The MTX Jackhammer

In case yall ain't know about it...

MTX's JackHammer subwoofer: Billed as the subwoofer that "other woofers have nightmares about," the MTX JackHammer is a 2-foot tall, 320-pound behemoth that makes you proud to be an American. This 22" subwoofer handles 5,000 watts RMS (up to 10,000 watts peak), and features a 900-ounce (that's a little over 56 pounds, folks) magnet and a 6.5" voice coil. The JackHammer is set up for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level), but you can purchase an replacement cone a*sembly that allows you to switch quickly to Sound Quality performance (and you don't have to remove the speaker from its enclosure to make the switch). .. jackHammer.cfm