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Jan 11 - bye bye buck

got from holla front

Young Buck leaves G-Unit

After 2 years of success working with 50 Cent, Eminem and Dr Dre to name others, Nashville, TN Rapper "Youngbuck" has left the G-Unit imprint because of alleged financial disputes. He has reportedly signed with his former label UTP Records, owned by Juvenile,which recently signed a 15 Million dollar Distribution Deal with Atlantic Records.

The end of 2004 was not a good year for this dirty south rapper after being arrested and charged with stabbing a man at the Vibe Awards in Santa Monica, CA.

Sources say that Buck has been shortchanged as much as five million dollars from touring, album royalties, and clothing sales.

50 Cent's representatives were not available for comment but an Atlantic Records Executive had this to say:

"Youngbuck is currently in the process of negotiating a contract with UTP and Atlantic supports his decision 100%"

Source:Hip Hop Foundry, and Atlantic Records