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Nov 23 - Ja Rule Gives Propz To Eminem & 50 Cent

Hip-hop star JA RULE is set to shock fans by praising his rivals EMINEM and 50 CENT.

The LIVIN' IT UP hitmaker insists he's "moving on" from the "childish" feuds with the hip-hop heavyweights, and while he continues to dislike Eminem and his protege 50 Cent, Ja Rule respects their talent.

Ja Rule says, "I was never into Eminem's music. He's a good rapper, but he never talks about the things that I relate to. I never bought any of his albums.

"The other guy, 50, on the other hand, he makes some good records, he talks about topics that I've gone through. We come from the same neighbourhood and I think that's where the jealously stems from: in my neighbourhood I'm the top dog, and he's not, so I guess he wanted to smear me in the rap world."