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Luke's baby momma is ted lucas's wife who is currently ceo of slip n slide records.

Luke put trick on and later dissed luke. Pitbull was signed to luke's label at the time and was eager to go at trick but luke told pit not to.

Pitbull caught the attention of irv gotti when pitbull battled and beat drag-on on a dmx video shoot in miami. Irv wanted to sign pit to murder inc. Once in a recording session with irv, pit got up to go outside for a minute and never came back.

Pitbull intentionally makes party records to make show money. He knows there's no money in record sales.

Trick daddy and rick ross starting beefing when ross called himself the miami mayor in port of miami knowing that was trick's nickname. Khaled later made them squash the beef and ross put trick on luxury tax where trick is talking to ross on his verse. The beef continued after speculation arose where trick was behind exposing ross and ross continued to take shots at trick. Trick claims he had nothing to do with it and made a subliminal on his own diss track claiming he'll take his ak from the trunk of his dunk and shoot up the maybach. Ross now claims to be the governor of florida while trick signed with eclass, a long time friend of ross.

Rick ross was affiliated with the boobie boys in the 90s until kenneth boobie boy williams got locked up. The same man who made ross take a job as a co. Ross moved to atlanta and got a deal with suavehouse. Him and blok of blok entertainment got real close where blok made ross a godfather of one of his kids. Ted lucas ceo of slip n slide bought out ross's contract and ross soon began writing for trina. Ross still kept getting money on the street and soon joined poe boy ent. They were a small organized crime family who were into music. Poe boy was headed by eclass who was in charge of the music, and ---------- who was in charge of the crime spree. You actually see ---------- in the beginning of the hustlin video counting money in the white 7 series. The hustlin beat was laying around the atlantic offices in which ted lucas got a hold of and gave it to ross who laced it up. Poe boy used a huge amount of drug money to promote ross and try to land him a deal which later landed him on def jam. Poe boy became a legit company later getting deals for brisco and flo rida who--------- currently manages.

Khaled used to use his "arabian attack" aka's until the september 11th tragedy.

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