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 QueSunTzu said
Nihha I aint speaking on NY. Im speaking on DC area sh*t. They good money round here slim. Keep wild sh*t up there.

I dont know their history. But I know for certain fact one of main reasons they have a gang is because el Salvadorians were getting victimized in prison, jail, or the streets. You are perfect example of why they have a gang because you NY crips and bloods want victimize them. So they need protect their community. They cant trust the police or government. So they rely on themselves. Even if you come down with that sh*t. It dont got sh*t do with our politics. You all just going beefing.

Stop acting like you dont know where they at too nihha. Them mutherfu*kers aint hard to find. They spray their sets with graffiti to let nihha know you in their turf. You must be low level nihha cause all you got do is tap in with your OG or somebody in prison or jail to find out where the fu*k they at. You just selling wolf tickets over the internet. Real Gs do they homework on they ops.
Bruh on god you a hoe.