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 fredfiness said
That’s literally the first thing he said, and the question he was asked. “For these young kids coming into a lot of money.”

Instead of focusing on his surface level words, use critical thinking and look for the UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE. Which is ‘Spend less than what you earn, and invest your money in profitable ventures.’

The average person could buy a 20 case of water for $5, then go sell the bottles for $1 each.
The average person could make $50 a week and save $1-$5 after bills and stuff.

The average person can do that but you act like people have a store or some means of selling products. If I go buy 5 cases of water now i have to try and hustle them on the streets. Which takes time and gas. It's not easy bro.

I am not saying you can't get there but it's not easy and the average person is either working to survive or just above water.