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 suavehooper said
LaMelo was in the pros when he played overseas

Secondly he looked just as good as he does now on the court. Only difference was his shot wasn't falling as consistently because he was getting used to living life in australia with no family around

Dude was averaging 17, 8, and 7 in Australia, but was shooting 25%. However if you take away the crazy three point shots he was attempting he was shooting around 47% from the field and still had weak body at the time.

Only PURE CASUALS and RACIST CASUALS who hated LAvar Ball said he would be a bust
But most people in general said the same thing about all 3 brothers. That Zo and Liangela would be busts. Everyone said that Lamelo was going to succeed. You predicted that CP would beat the Rockets in the Off's, then blamed refs when CP choked.