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Nov 23 - New 50 CENT ALBUM TO BE CALLED 'The Valentine's Day Massacre' !!

50 Cent has settled on February 15 for the release of his next LP, The Valentine's Day Massacre. After the past few months of different people throwing overt and subliminal disses at him and his camp on mixtapes, 50 says he'll use the album at least in part as a forum to wholeheartedly respond. "You listen, you hear what's going on out there," 50 said on the red carpet at the Vibe Awards. "I got something for everybody talking. It's gonna be entertaining. I don't want to give it up before we get there. It's gonna be interesting. This is chestnut checkers, these are not warning shots." The G-Unit are already calling next year "2050 not 2005," and the leader of the squad says when his album drops, "It's gonna feel like brain freeze across the country for rappers. You know how it is when you have something too cold." ...

Meanwhile, Tony Yayo is in the lab, Lloyd Banks is already 15 songs into his new album, which he says is dropping around the fourth quarter of 2005, and we may be hearing a new version of Young Buck's Welcome to Ca$hville soon. Swisha House label head Michael Watts dropped by MTV News' Times Square offices on Wednesday and said he chopped and screwed Buck's solo debut. Swisha House, which is also dropping albums from Mike Jones and Paul Wall early in 2005, is negotiating with Buck's people to officially release the disc. ...

As strong as the G-Unit already are, the team may be expanding with a G-Unit Midwest label soon. The first act to come from the new venture, should it happen, may be none other than Chingy's Git It Boyz. "How did you hear about that?" Chingy asked last week. "Yeah. You might be seeing that." Now, you may be scratching your head, because when Ching was on the Rock the Mic tour with 50 Cent, the two were throwing disses at one another. "Me and him actually planned that," Chingy explained. "Sometimes it's a good look to feed off of stuff like that. We thought it would be a good idea to go to out there and give the people something to be shocked about." Chingy is so tight with the G-Unit that he's been laughing at all the rumors of him f*ghting with Game at the Vibe Awards. "That's funny," Chingy said. "I was in the trailer talking to 50 and Game. We was just in there chilling. Game was at my party in California the night before that. Out there I heard Game snatched my chain and made me leave the club. It's nonsense. What are y'all talking about? Game is cool."