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 Frankie Needles said
According to you everyone in entertainment is a transgender. You literally go in everythread and call everyone some sort of transformer who's working on behalf of the agenda.

Here's some advice man, it doesn't work if you name EVERYONE as a transgender, people just stop listening to you
In some way I hope they are conducting a social media experiment.

What they are doing mimicks what a lot of people do online. Look at this Epstein sh*t going on now. You got people saying all the "elites" and everyone in Hollywood is a pedophile. Everybody in the music business is a f*g and you got to do gay sh*t to be put on. That illuminati ritual sacrifice sh*t been around awhile too.

Putting it all together, is someone saying everyone in mass media is a tranny any more of a weirdo than those people.

I know some people are not going to like that mirror being put in front of their face.