Thread: Video in this thread Rockstar is now officially on their bullsh-t.
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 Hardkore said
i only dabbled with san andres for about a month... so vice city is technically my last brush with GTA.

as true as your statement is...

...having way better graphics each game and a player being able to modify GTA to pretty much do any adventure or mission in the world (be a police officer; start your own business of some sort; buy houses and buy cars, etc.)

that part of GTA is what makes it dope.

sure there are other games that do similar stuff.

but GTA been doing this since... what? the early 2000s. yeah.

expect a GTA 7 before end of this decade.
I Don’t Ever Think We’d Get A 7 Seriously…In All Honesty…Unless They Was Working On It While Working On 6….