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 Y.G. said
Dude has a girl

Clown rappers for not committing crimes. Clown rappers for committing crimes. Clown athletes for not being woke. Clown athletes for not being woke enough. Now ya'll clowning a tech YouTuber for not having enough b*tches in his videos to dispel the gay thoughts you have concerning where he sticks his p*nis. Brothas can't have any measure of success without ya'll miserable a*s haters sayin some nonsense.
As expected, not one single black friend in their circle.

As expected, they probably met at a frisbee get together, or whatever the fu*k that's called lmao.

As expected he's probably autistic with bad social skills, just like most high-paid techies.

As expected she seems well-off and so do all her friends, they all have polished social media presence, dress well and are constantly traveling and sailing on boats.

Listen you dork, don't present us with a false dichotomy of having to choose between uneducated gang bangers and some millionaire autistic square. Life is a spectrum. He's successful, good for him. But he's dis-likeable because he's the stereotypical image of what "they" want "us" to be and look/act/speak like... while we all truly know that when push comes to shove, you're still a n*gga. People call him gay because they don't have the mental aptitude to articulate what I just told you, they just know subconsciously that something if off.