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i witnessed this

in late 93 early 94 the wu came to buffalo and performed at a place called "the icon". a few songs into it somebody from the crowd thru a bottle and hit ghost right in his chest. he didnt like it and rushed the dude who thru it, but before he got to the guy like 4 people tackled him sparkin off a brawl between about 7 people in the crowd and the clan. the wu got in their hits and so did the crowd so i'll just call it even but the best part was after it all happened they left out the back and were signin autographs and givin out cds and tee shirts. i gotta black tee with a yellow wu sign on the left side. wish i still had it. i had thoughts off not goin since i knew i'd be the only white person there but the sh*t was great it didnt even matter.

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