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 tmontana171 said
- T.I. And Lil'flip got in a scuffle in flips hood after T.I. went on the radio claiming he was going thru there to prove flip was a bi*ch. Flips Boys Were Ready and whooped on T.I. But Flip tried to Sneak Through THe Scuffle and Get THe K.O. Blow on Ti and one of his boys knocked flip the fu*k out as well...thats true
- Styles P. Did A bid for stabbing a dude in the a*s
-New Member oF G-unit Spider Loc Got signed becase he was doing big time coke moves with his homeys who were talking to some tennessse homies of young bucks, they met in chi-town and hooked up. Then Loc Got signed on the set of let me in video
-Dmx had Spider loc and Game Battle On The set of "missin yu" song tribute to Aaliyah...dunno who won
-The Trick Trick vs. trick daddy sh*t is true But ya'll forgot first trick trick went to MIA and tried to talk it out with trick daddy but he wuldnt hear it...THen later on went trick daddy went to Detroit club or whatnot they already had it planned out that they were gonna whoop his a*s, which they did.
-Trick Trick Knocked Styles P. on his a*s in a club in detroit....trick trick sez dblock came thru the club and one dude was acting disrespectful....jada left but SP stood his ground and got knocked the fu*k out -100 % fact i heard that straight from trick
-Pastor Troy ANd Lil'Jon Got serious beef, its rumored Troy smacked out east side boy big sams wife or gf(possible rumor)
-young buck got robbed for his chain in chi-town thats true
- Spider Loc Met Yukmouth in the club snuffed him and jacked his chain (very true)
-Freekey Zeekey is in prison on at least one count of possession of Ectasy (very true)
-Lil Scrappy and Trillville are beefin
- Nas claims biggie subliminally dissed him on "life after death"
- 50 cents name in the hood was "boo boo"
- lloyd banks is half puerto rican
- Games beef with memphis bleek started back when Game was signed to JT Tha Bigga Figgas label and how they both had labels similiary named "get low" Bleek claims he worked it out With JT but game continued to bi*ch out
- Game was shot by crips, and his homey billboard was murdered
- 50 cents former manager is now a ceo of black hand who has Grafh
-lil kims bf shot at 50s entourage while he exited a nj hotel after he dissed on her funk flexs show the prior night
- akons manager was murdered in front of a nj diner by a fan trying to fu*k with capone who was there as well
- oschino is the only member of state prop who followed beans to Dame Dash's Label
- When G-unit dissed buddens at summer jam 04 he was backstage alone and didnt say or do sh*t
- Chamillionare beefs with any1 affiliated to swisha house (paul wall, mike jones etc.)
- Young bucks n*ggas supplied all the whips jewelry and tough looking dudes in juvies "paper chaser video"
-Juvenile left young buck in cali after buck got too friendly with dudes at tha row
-theres another cali rapper named Young Buc
- encore is eminems last album
- jayz's first album was originally suppose to be his first and last
- young jeezy openly admits hes not really a rapper, he just makes the albums to start up his company
-Game ghost wrote for diddy (true)
- Fat joe keeps dudes in the terror squad who openly dont even have a desire to make there own albums, simply b/c they do his ghostwriter
- Banks ghostwrote dunno for who

if you listen to the toy soldiers song on nas' living legends mixtape his speaks about his beef with biggie
the song kick in the door was aimed at nas he claims also
biggie wasnt cool with the wu as rae claimed big was stealin nas's flow and big claimed rae was doin the same and then ghost dissed big on a 'purple tape' ages ago sayin tht big bit nas