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Got Some more
**Tupac didn't go to jail,til he got famous
**Dub C is the only West Coast Rapper sign to Def Jam
**Tupac has over 140 songs still haven't got out.
**Jay-Z and Biggie when recording "Brooklyn Finest" was like Competition since none of them had written material.
**Method Man was the only member of Wu cool with Biggie
**Biggie,Nas,Wu-Tang all use to perform in same venues before they made it
**Aalyah inspired Missy Elliot to Rap,Missy thought she was too chubby.
**Timbaland use to work at Burger King
**Biggie and Junior Mafia and Tupac and Outlaws once kicked it while recording the song "Running From the Police"which of course is now called Runnin
**Nas came out on "In Too Deep" in the begining but was not in credits
**Kanye West met Just Blaze thru No Id before they made it Big
**Kanye West sings the hook on "Guess who's Back" track with Scarface and Jay
**Mathatics has done alot of Wu-Tang beats but doesn't get credit.
**9th Wonder uses Fruity Loops to makes beats. No MPC?! WOW
**Mtv and Bet refuse to play Little Brothers Video,regarding them as Inteligent Rap?!
**Lil Flip does not like Paul Wal for some reason he claims they have the same tatt.
**Game was in an N.W.A video back in the days
**Raekwon wanted to Battle Biggie but Puffy said that was uncall for.