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ive heard from many different people that elephant man has aids & he gave it to his baby moms, ppl tell me evrybody in miami knows this,can i get a confirmation?

kanye west dissed chad hugo(neptunes) in an interview with complex magazine because he feels his dress style is wack

chad hugo is from the Phillipines

while were on the subject, neptune beat:pharrel plays the melodies, basically produces the track. then chad goes in and adds little things here and there, tweaks it a little bit

the real reason shyne dissed 50

Is it a COINCIDENCE that SHYNE responds to 50 almost a YEAR & A HALF later and his ALBUMS droppin in a couple of WEEKS...Shyne could of got at 50 right after 50 said those remarks bout him in the freestyle and on the HOT 97 Morning Show a while back....Like it or not the bottom line is SHYNE is no DIFFERENT from 50 in that he is using his controvery and BEEF to sell records.....If SHYNE didn't have no deal or wasn't droppin an album I doubt he would of even used up some of his phone time to record that TRACK but instead would of used the phone call more useful like callin his mom and relatives....Everyone on here is calling SHYNE gangsta and everything but everyone forgets when SHYNE first got sentenced he was walking round CLUTCHING the BIBLE and talkin bout CHANGING his life and finding GOD...And I'm a fan of his music....

^^^i didnt write this, i hear shyne is as real as they come

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