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jaz-o used to sell incents (sp?) on bushwick ave., i actually bought incence from him, that sh*t smelled good, n*gga had a cart and was wearing a tank top and sandals.

My boy was about to f*ght geda k, but geda got locked up the same day, forreal tho, in the hold bleek hold some weight, its not really him but ty ty (jays right hand) and h money bags, and bleek is well connected.

Jay went back to marcy after hard knock of life, no security watsoever, went to see his moms, who did not want to move out of the hood. He ran into a former friend and his friend asked him to come to his home studio to record a track, jay did, recorded a verse, the dude asked jay if he need him to walk him to the car (so jay wont get robbed or sumthin) jay said nah im good, longs story short, jay walked to his bently, in the middle of brooklyn, chain swangin, no problem, thats the kind of love jay gets in his hood. " n*ggas said jigga cant go back home/ u know when i heard that, when i was back home!!!"

bleek and camron have been throwing subliminals since cam was designated vp of the roc by dame be4 bleek "dudes in the roc that dont roc wit this, how", "many dudes in the team that in family/ dynasty no, it remains the same, so everytime u throw it up know who changed the game/ the roc army, get low and state property/ caked up in realestate and never played monopoly/"