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 LBoogie2122 said
sean paul is not allowed within 100 feet of beyonce or jigga 'cause during the shotting for baby boy,sean paul tried to scoop beyonce by dissin her man sayin somethin alomg the lines of

"get wit a cute n*gga like you deserve"

50 cent tried the same thing too
YO LBOOG.... so beyonce got a "court ordered restraining order or "street ordered" restraining order on that n*gga sean paul

fifty and beyonce did a track called thug luvin in '99 or some sh*t so i can imagine so

that 50 and ja rule beef run deeper than "HOW TO ROB" that sh*t started with
ja having affiliation with Kenneth supreme McGruff the n*gga that supposedly did 50 momma in... so i heard