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 MakaveliToDon91 said
Thats a lie. Andre Iguadola himself vouched for OKC being the best team in basketball and he played them both back to back so that narrative you jus stated is out the window

Cleveland needed freakish performances from 2 players to even come close to winning...

Lebron played wit Mo williams and larry hughes as his two best players in cleveland..and jamison if u wanna throw him in there

Durant played wit Westbrook, harden, ibaka, adams, kanter, jus a well rounded roster wit loads of talent around him

Joining the 73-9 championship warriors was a joke....they was clearly the better team throughout the series and completely blew it...and he went and joined the team he lost to? No, its not even close to the same thing and he violated every unwritten competitive rule in basketball

But its clear your mind is already made up despite how many facts get thrown at you..
Boy n*ggaz like you dumb as hell! Yes OKC had a talented squad but was that talent coached up to play as a team or a two man iso show? That same year OKC lost in the WCF they had THE MOST BLOWN 4TH QTR LEADS IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE FOR THE SEASON BCUZ THEY WERE SO DAMN PREDICTABLE. So the regular season was just a forecast of things to come in the playoffs plus hard work beats talent any day if the talent doesn't work hard. Golden State went on to win that series bcuz they had the better TEAM & SCHEME. Draymond knew KD felt underappreciated in OKC so the Hampton 4 devised a plan to get their greatest obstacle out of the way to form one of the most talented teams ever. Then somewhere along the way Draymond forgot & let his mouth write a check his azz couldn't cash & lost to Toronto w/o the guy they didn't need & won w/o.