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Taylor’s attorneys wrote in the lawsuit that Brown exposed himself to the 28-year-old Taylor during two separate training sessions in 2017, before raping her in 2018. During the first instance with Brown, she claims he exposed himself and kissed her without permission. A month later, Taylor claims that she was at Brown’s home watching TV when the All-Pro athlete started masturbating and ejaculated on her back, which he later bragged about via text messages.

According to the lawsuit, Taylor was “shocked and deeply embarrassed by this a*sault and his degrading messages,” and “cut off her working relationship with Brown.” However, after Brown apologized and begged for her forgiveness, she was “swayed by his a*surance that he would cease any s*xual advances.” On May 20, 2018, Taylor detailed the evening in which Brown forced her down onto a bed and “forcibly r*ped her.” While she “shouted ‘no’ and ‘stop,’ Brown refused and penetrated her.”
smh these two articles say so much in so little. and the last part reminds me of that bill burr special, "no, stop, ur sooo bad"

somebody post the post with ab bragging about yakking on her back