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Eh, kind of. The reason they both are as dominant as they are/were, is because their opponents fear/feared the takedown. It does something to you as a f*ghter when you can't sit down on your strikes because you know the other guy is a vaunted wrestler with great timing on his shot, and that if he ends up on top of you, the round is basically over. This is how Khabib was able to catch Conor with that overhand in their f*ght; fake the shot, Conor lower his hands to defend, Khabib switches to the overhand once he sees the bite on the fake.

Also, GSP does have a Kyokushin background, but his kicks aren't the strikes he's known for. It's that jab (ask Josh Koscheck), and that superman jab to low kick that he used to use ALL THE TIME.

While their skill sets are certainly both grapple heavy, I find that where they differ is mentality. GSP almost never tried to finish anyone on the ground, regardless of whether he had the advantage there or not. Imagine if Khabib had Dan Hardy in that same position that GSP did when they fought; we might have had our first death in the octagon.

When Khabib gets you on the ground, he's trying to put your head through the canvas with strikes.
You right on the money about the Jab/low kick combo. GSP didn't have that k*ller mentality the way Khabib does, but that don't mean he wasn't exciting as a f*ghter, at least in my opinion (If GSP wasn't as Canadian as they come, we wouldn't be having this conversation lol.).