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 sleep23rd said
it's just if you can't shoot ur a liability now cause the defense will just play off of non shooters and double slashers when they drive or bigs in the post once they get the ball.

Frank isn't really a playmaker who threatens defenses with his slashing or shooting either so it's tough...he has to go out and prove in order to make his teams offense run better when he's out on the floor...u really can't even play him and dennis smith together...the offense would be drastic
Definitely but no coach has given him the confidence or the burn to actually see what he can do.

I know he can shoot but his hesitation on shooting is why he is perceived that way rightfully so. He needs to let it fly more but he wonít bc it goes against everything he learned in France. Which is ball movement getting people involved.

Nah canít play them both at the same time so one of them riding the bench cuz I expect Payton to start