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 sleep23rd said
When you say a big that scores...what do u mean? in the post, high post, isolation, off screen and rolls, screen and pops, spreads the floor with shooting?

cause in todays NBA if Frank can't matter how much of a inside scorer he has as a big...he will always be double teamed since Frank isn't a good or consistent enough outside threat.

Which causes problems for the offense due to spacing issues..Frank HAS to play with a Big that can shoot so he can drive and kick if needed..but he's not even the slashing type of does the offense go from there?
Frank can shoot though itís his confidence in shooting that needs help. When I said a big I mean like AD, Kat, Randle, Kuz, Hartford.

Itís been his handles and driving to the basket that also needs help he showed improvement last year just gotta build on that